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Nothing But Time

The inspiration of nothing but time came from a 18th century clock that I own and I walk by every morning before I go to work. Its very ancient but in perfect condition. It just proves that some things can last the test of time. The way I design a piece often comes to life when I’m in the process of designing it. I have found that its almost impossible to draw out or plan a photo manipulation because you can’t always be certain you will find the correct images for the piece. This certain design was easy enough to find the images for because the object being the ‘watch’ is ofcourse been photographed many times. The true difficulty in most manipulations is the backdrop and scenery. Finding the right images and getting the right technique to colourize your backdrop is essential to the final outcome. In this case I coloured the whole background after de-saturating the image so that I could create the colours myself instead of relying on its original colour features.